Bluebeam User Group | London: Q3 Meeting

Date and Time

July 11, 2023
08:30 AM (GMT) to 
11:30 AM (GMT)


20 Eastbourne Terrace 20 Eastbourne Terrace London W2 6LA

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Join us at the London BUG meeting on 11th July at 8.30 am.

Let’s continue to innovate, share ideas, and drive positive change in the industry, London BUG members!

Meeting highlights:

  • Hear how Transport for London use Revu to keep London moving, and the difference it’s made to their plan drawings
  • Take your technical know-how to the next level with Bluebeam’s Jarrod Hall’s who’ll share his top 20 tips, tricks and shortcuts in Revu

Don’t forget: our BUG is all about connecting with our peers & knowledge-sharing

  • Come along and learn new tips and tricks to help your day job get easier!
  • Spread the word: bring your colleagues and industry peers to the meeting
  • Open discussion & knowledge-sharing is encouraged throughout our meeting.
  • Plus breakfast will be provided!