Webinar | Ask the Expert: Optimizing Project Handover and Punch

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May 30, 2024 @ | 8am PT | 11am ET | 4pm BT


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Webinar | Ask the Expert: Optimizing Project Handover and Punch

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In the AECO industry, a lot must happen before buildings are handed over to owners. There are systems to test, quality checks to run, tons of documentation to compile and organize, commissioning, training etc.

Managing project punch lists presents its own significant challenge in this process. A typical punch process is rife with inefficient communication and incomplete or inaccurate documentation, which can lead to project delays, cost overruns and client frustration.

Fortunately, the right construction technology solution can make all the difference. Join us on May 30 to hear how you can effectively improve your punch and project handover processes with Bluebeam.

You’ll learn: 

  • The power of cloud storage as it relates to document access and management in the handover process  
  •  Bluebeam best practices for managing and handing over documents at the end of a project  
  •  Bluebeam best practices for setting up documents for ensuring a smooth punch process  
  •  How to track issues and ensure all team members have access to resolve them in a timely way 

Webinar Speakers 

  •  Erik Schonsett, Consulting Services Manager, Bluebeam, Inc. 
  •  Charles Todd, Industry Consultant, Bluebeam, Inc. 
  •  Host: David Rekker, Senior Manager of Customer Success, Bluebeam, Inc. 

Please note: this webinar will be hosted in English 


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