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The promise of going digital is that information is made accessible for all and redundant work processes can be automated, saving project teams valuable time by improving jobsite communication. However, without standards specific to construction, the creation of digital information is inconsistent at best. This creates a barrier to realising the benefits from “going digital” and introduces additional risk as the right information isn’t getting to the field. The result is information shared is either lost or too complex, duplicate entry is unavoidable and automated workflows suffer, creating greater interoperability issues.

Construction teams are beginning a dialogue with designers and owners to define digital standards for construction in the US and Sweden. The US-based Construction Progress Coalition (CPC) and Sweden’s Design Review Standards have played a significant role in that step forward, presenting guidelines that provide a clearer path towards document standardisation. These standards are driving contractors to define “what information matters” and “how they need it shared,” so they can better leverage data from design, into construction and ultimately into handover.

Join our webinar and learn how constructions standards have been able to:

  • Aid designers and contractors in decreasing communication and process challenges, by improving information sharing overall
  • Help construction competitors minimise risk by agreeing to a baseline for standardisation
  • Improve decision-making by democratising access to real-time information by mobilising and lowering the barrier to entry for everyone

Join us on 30 November at 1pm GMT.

Date / Time
Nov 30
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM