Bluebeam Webinars From Home Series

Short, Live, Daily 

We know that despite the unprecedented circumstances, many projects continue to move forward. And walso understand that many of you may be experiencing significant challenges to your normal work routines. The sudden shift to working remotely has added a huge level of difficulty to every task and every project.   

That’s why the Bluebeam training team has decided to offer short, live online training sessions every day to help you get the most out of Revukeep your projects on track, and even improve collaboration.  

All of the webinars in this series will be free and conducted live with real-time interaction through June 1st. These webinars have a registration cap, so please register to save your spot. If you do not see a date/time option you were expecting during registration, that webinar has reached capacity.

Mondays: Bluebeam Revu Markup Basics
Tuesdays: Bluebeam Revu Drawing Management Basics
Wednesdays: Bluebeam Studio Sessions
Thursdays: Bluebeam Studio Projects
Fridays: Bluebeam Revu Measurement Basics


Please note these sessions will be conducted on the Revu 2018/2019 interface. If you are using an older version of Revu, your screen will look different than the trainer’s.

Date / Time
Apr 20 - Jun 1